4 Reasons to Utilise an Omnichannel Customer Experience


With the digitalisation of the customer journey, businesses need to implement an entirely digital customer service experience. With an increase in channels for customers and brands to interact, your company has an incredible opportunity to meet your customer where they are with exactly what they need. An omnichannel customer experience will allow your brand to leverage the preferred platforms of your audience to provide a better customer service experience.

  1. Customers Want an Omnichannel Experience
    Today’s customers don’t just want to make phone calls therefore requiring businesses to create new methods of interaction with their audience. Although this does not necessarily decrease the number of calls, an omnichannel experience will allow your customers to reach you with their preferred device and channel, streamlining the communication process between the customer and the customer service agents.
  2. Improve Customer Satisfaction
    Contact centres need an omnichannel solution that allows customers and agents to switch seamlessly from one channel to another, ensuring that any progress made on a customer service call is not lost. Ideally, your omnichannel approach to your customer service should enable your agents to provide customer service (and the total history of that customer’s interactions with your brand) to any channel that is being used, whether it’s social media, an email or the traditional phone call. The customer’s satisfaction is your company’s priority, and a tool that allows your agents to improve customer satisfaction is a huge asset to your company.
  3. Leverage 24/7 Service
    A large part of offering an omnichannel experience is ensuring that your customers receive support 24/7. While you may not be able to staff agents at all hours of the day, using a chatbot for your off-hours customer service needs can provide simple solutions for your customer’s problems by linking to how-to articles, the FAQ page, or even an instructional video. For more complex issues, the chatbot can take the necessary contact information so that your team can contact the customer as soon as possible.
  4. Leverage WFM Tools
    Contact centre agents are the beating heart of your customer service department, so it’s crucial to ensure that your agents can continue to provide excellent customer service with an increase in channels. Make sure you forecast and plan for each of your channels so that you have the right staff available to meet your customer demands.

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