ways to help your team resolve customer service complains

Today, the general public doesn’t wait for things to happen. When consumers are experiencing a problem, they expect a solution on the same day. Since the customer is king, contact centres need to double their efforts to resolve customer service calls more efficiently and quickly. Whether you are implementing new training, new technology or more communication channels, it’s essential to be prepared to solve a customer problem quickly. Below, we have four ways to help your customer service team resolve complaints promptly and efficiently.

Omnichannel Customer Service
One of the best things you can provide your customers with is options. Not everyone is going to want to pick up the phone for their situation, and some cases are easily handled through a different channel. An omnichannel system will significantly reduce call times and will quickly resolve your customer service tickets.

Provide Self-Service Options
A self-service option allows your customers to find solutions much faster while freeing up the time of your agents. Contact centres are accustomed to receiving the same questions from customers over and over, which could easily be diverted to a self-service channel. This will allow your agents to cover the more complex problems that require an actual conversation.

Empower Your Employees
Your customer’s experience should be your top priority. Give your employee’s authority to provide solutions that your customers need. With Call Design’s Quality Management software, you can assess the quality and effectiveness of your agent’s capabilities. With a solution like this, you can empower and equip your agents with the tools and skills they need to serve your customers better. If you aren’t empowering your employees to offer solutions, then your customers will bounce from agent to agent until someone can fix the problem. This will eventually lead to a lower satisfaction rate and longer waiting times, ultimately hurting your reputation. Equip your agents with the tools they need to improve the customer experience.

How Call Design Can Help
Call Design is one of the most trusted suppliers of workforce management software. When you partner with Call Design, our team of consultants will work with you to gain a better understanding of how to best implement workforce management into your existing infrastructure and business processes. Contact Call Design today to learn how we can help you.