Gamification is one of the most effective methods for contact centres to develop an engaging learning experience for employees to learn new skills and connect their actions to business outcomes. By encouraging workplace competition and collaboration, you can help agents improve productivity levels, produce a greater quality of work, and accurately achieve company goals and objectives.

Gamification learning connects employees to business goals with progress bars, leader boards, and quick and easy learning that rewards achievements. According to recent studies, gamification has helped contact centres improve employee motivation by as much as 83% and productivity by 89%. Many valuable capabilities of gamification software relate to Gen Z and future generations like never before, reinforcing technology’s power and underlying capabilities in contact centres. Let’s explore five significant capabilities of gamification in more detail:

  1. Builds Employee Engagement

A recent study by McKinsey identified that engaged contact centre employees are 8.5 times more likely to stay at an organisation than leave within their first year. Happy agents are more likely to provide customers with a better experience therefore focusing on their engagement is important. Providing incentives and team competition can help keep engagement and motivation levels high.

  1. Encourages Agent Development

According to the 2022 Smaart Recruitment Contact Centre Best Practice report, 56% of agents want to follow a career path towards either a specialised role in the contact centre or stay with the organisation but in a different area.  By offering continuous training and development of staff, the likelihood of people staying with the organisation is much higher. Gamification can be used to help develop staff skills and enable them to strive towards new goals. The longer they stay with the organisation, the better it is therefore investing in their development is key.

  1. Empowers Employees

Providing your employees with a sense of advancement and purpose can be achieved with regular personal development and upskilling. The introduction of gamification can help build a competitive and entertaining element to training programs that might otherwise be perceived as boring. Gamification’s ability to maintain employee motivation by setting new goals to strive towards and building on existing and new skills should not be overlooked.

When agents feel empowered and engaged, they provide a higher quality of service which makes the entire customer interaction a better experience. The same goes for celebrating the success of agents, employees feel appreciated and empowered.

  1. Shows Commitment to Teams

When management provides support and a level of care to agents, employees are more likely to reciprocate with a higher quality of work. By recognising staff and providing them with this support using the gamification tools, it shows the organisation is committed to their staff.

  1. Provides Performance Insights

Another benefit of gamification is its ability to provide performance insights. Team leaders and management can easily see who is meeting targets and who needs some additional coaching and training.

If you are looking for new ways to create sustainable changes that are going to positively impact your staff performance and engagement, gamification is the solution for your business. Contact our friendly team at Call Design today.