With real time automation you can improve efficiency and create a better customer experience for both customers and staff. The software connects to both your contact centre platform and your workforce management system enabling it to monitor queues and update schedules with changes in real time.

Automation is a game-changer for the contact centre industry. Learn more about the benefits that it provides below:


Contact centre processes can be time-consuming, with manual tasks such as finding times for training and updating schedules taking up a lot of the workforce planner’s time. Real Time Analysts and/or Team Leaders often spend a lot of time on admin-based tasks that add little value and reward.

That’s where intelligent automation solutions such as Intradiem come into play. This tool monitors queues in your contact centre platform as well as the schedules in your workforce management system. It updates schedules in real time if staff are late or don’t show up and can schedule short training sessions at times with low customer demand. This reduces the amount of time required to schedule or reschedule training, helping improve training efficiency by delivering more of it online.

Increased Productivity

If your staff are productive and engaged, it is much more likely that they will deliver a positive customer experience.

Automation helps staff be more productive. It can prompt agents into their lunch or end of shift before they get stuck on a long call. It can also send them a prompt if they go beyond established thresholds for sufficient ACW time or AHT with an offer to help.

Cost Savings!

Intelligent automation enables contact centres to lower costs by increasing productivity and providing a quick return on investment.

Improved Accuracy

By automating the process of updating schedules with the latest changes in real time, the workforce planning team have access to much more accurate information to make decisions about other activities that they may be trying to schedule such as team meetings, overtime or letting staff take last minute leave.

Report on Savings

Our intelligent automation solution lets you track and report on savings as they occur. See trends in AHT, shrinkage and occupancy and how changes to these have saved you money.

These are just some of the benefits of using Intelligent automation in your contact centre. To learn more about automation and how Intradiem software can help you, contact our friendly team today.