November 13, 2018 Shelley Hofman
Workforce Management, Workforce Optimization

The G2 Crowd results are in: Alvaria has the highest customer satisfaction rating of all leading WFM solutions.

The growth and popularity of crowd-sourced customer review and recommendations sites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor are where consumers go for authentic, unbiased, user-driven information about products and services they are thinking about purchasing. So nowadays, when you are looking for a hotel, you don’t just want to hear how a hotel describes their rooms, you also want to hear from someone who’s actually stayed in them.

So as is often the case, consumer trends find their way into the enterprise space. The growth of peer-to-peer business solution review sites like G2 Crowd enable organizations looking for software to hear directly from existing users in a forum with an objective and bias-free environment.

G2 Crowd is one of the world’s leading providers of online business software reviews. With more than 500,000 reviews, they offer easily understandable rankings of a wide variety of software products using objective criteria combined with the actual reviews from verified users.

What do G2 Crowd reviews show about Alvaria Workforce Management software? As you can see from this real-time G2 Crowd Grid, Alvaria Workforce Management is ranked in the Leaders quadrant and has achieved the highest ranking for customer satisfaction among those leaders. In the Enterprise view of the grid, Alvaria is the only leader.

G2 Crowd also makes comments, ratings, and actual customer reviews available so users of the site can really get inside the heads of the people working with the software. You can find the full list of reviews here, but below are some examples of what Alvaria customers are saying:

Every day, thousands of businesses and hundreds of thousands of agents rely on Alvaria Workforce Management to provide accurate forecasting of interaction volumes, flexible and personalized agent scheduling and insightful daily tracking of real-time agent productivity and adherence.  We think it’s the best in the industry but don’t just take our word for it, ask our customers!

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