Sydney, Australia, 29 May 2023 – Call Design, a leading provider of workforce optimisation solutions, is thrilled to announce its new status as Alvaria’s first and currently only global Diamond Partner. This prestigious partnership signifies a significant milestone in Call Design’s ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional services and solutions to contact centres in Australia and the United States.

As Alvaria’s Diamond Partner, Call Design joins an exclusive group of companies acknowledged for their expertise in contact centres and ability to drive change across workforce management. While there are two other Diamond partners worldwide, they are limited to regional operations, making Call Design the sole global recipient of this distinction. This achievement reflects the unwavering dedication and outstanding performance of Call Design’s entire team across various areas, including WFM strategy, sales, implementation, administration, and support.

Nimesh Dhanak, CEO of Call Design, says “Becoming Alvaria’s Global Diamond Partner is an incredibly momentous milestone for our company. This is a recognition that only partners with outstanding sales performance can achieve, so it serves as a testament to the collective hard work and commitment of our team over the years in fostering a successful relationship with Alvaria. Every part of our business has a connection with Alvaria in some way, shape, or form, and this partnership recognises the value we bring to the table.”

The partnership between Call Design and Alvaria has continually evolved, centred around workforce optimisation solutions and training for contact centres. This achievement reinforces Call Design’s commitment to expanding its relationship with Alvaria and propelling the growth of both organisations, in partnership.

About Call Design:

Call Design is a leading provider of workforce optimisation solutions, empowering organisations to enhance customer experiences, boost operational efficiency, and maximise agent productivity. With extensive industry experience and a deep understanding of contact centres, Call Design offers a comprehensive suite of software and services designed to optimise workforce management, quality monitoring, performance management, training and coaching. Their solutions enable businesses to achieve their goals through streamlined operations, customer experience and improved employee engagement.