The world has embraced this regulation as being necessary in order to do business directly or indirectly with Europe or European companies. Call Design is increasingly requested to confirm compliance with this regulation by Australian and overseas companies, some are our customers, others are suppliers that need to ensure that we are an integral part of their supply chain. Call Design’s position in this is very clear, we manage and protect Personally Identifiable Information that we hold and use ensuring that it is being collected and handled in accordance with GDPR standards

– Providing users with appropriate mechanisms to safeguard their personal data
– Ensuring that our partners also ensure GDPR compliance during data exchanges
– Updating our Policies and employee handbooks to ensure that staff are aware of their responsibilities


– For our Hosted customer systems, we ensure that customers are in full control of personally identifiable information and we support their systems without processing customer data directly.
– Call Design employs secure system infrastructure and secure management and controls using MS active directory and secure data centre security and network infrastructure management.

Three quarters of the outside world don’t trust businesses to do the right thing with our emails, phone numbers, preferences and other details. Security of information and privacy is integral to the day to day operation of our company and it is in our greatest interest that our customers, suppliers, staff and the community at large to have confidence in how we handle business and personal information. This is only possible when our systems, processes and people work together and this is reflected in our processes and practices based on our Policy’s and beliefs. GDPR is not new, Call Design complies with the Australian Privacy Act and state and federal surveillance legislation and marketing Acts, we operate in Australia and overseas and adopt the principles of Australian Privacy Laws and state and federal surveillance legislation and marketing Acts. Some more obvious examples of us treating this regulation seriously day to day includes

– Sending an email to the correct recipient, untrusting Outlooks predictive address population;
– Treating all customer information as confidential
– Treating Call Design business and technical information as secure

Peter Salmon
Call Design Director