Consulting Contact Centre

Imagine the Future

High performing contact centres are not just built upon old legacies. They disrupt the way they do business to capitalise on new-age methodology, technology and people.

Call Design has developed an approach based on a simplified theory that collaborates practical, implementable, repeatable cycles of strategic development. The core process is to benefit from proven concepts that analyse and learn from contact centres while taking a step back and re-imagining the possibilities and potential. The future of contact centres is centred on the ability to explore possibilities, generating options to go forward into the future leveraging automation, personalisation, activation and gamification.

Defining the State of Your Contact Centre

Re-defining the contact centre, workforce management and customer experience is all part of the framework we have designed to bring together a contextual model that creates the contact centre of the future. Call Design will work with you to define the current and future state of your contact centre, taking it to the next level from every imaginable angle. With the help of your leadership team, we build an executable strategic management program that forms the foundation for change. Through allowing free-flowing imagination that forms a realistic idea generation environment, we are able to set in motion a strategic program that is supported by all stakeholders within a contact centre.



Call Design Strategy Development Process

Call Design’s strategy development process involves 5 crucial steps. This approach is designed to illuminate new strategies for your contact centre and provide a roadmap to reach your goals. Through strategic consultation and a well-versed framework, Call Design maximises the potential of contact centres around the world.

  • Analyse your business context.
  • Learn from your current state.
  • Imagine what you can accomplish with the future state of your business.
  • Generate an aligned series of options that will carry you forward.
  • Translate and execute your selected options into a new set of operations.
Call Design Strategy Development Process


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