Effective Strategies for Managing a Contact Centre

Contact centres are the frontline of your customer service operation, which means that your contact centre must be operating at optimum capacity at all times. The management of your contact centre is an essential element to operating successfully and providing your customers with the very best customer service. The success of your contact centre relies on the strength of your agents and management teams. Without the right management, even the best contact centres will suffer. Below, we have 4 effective strategies for managing a contact centre.

Find the Right Talent

Finding the right people to fill your agent positions can make or break your customer service operations. Optimising the recruitment and hiring process is a critical component of your contact centre’s performance. When your team is looking for a new hire, make sure that the job description is completely transparent and thorough. During your interview process, don’t ignore a good cultural fit. While experience is never a bad thing, your team can always train someone to improve their skills. Look for emotional intelligence, personality, and willingness to learn and ensure the person understands what working in your centre will feel like especially if they have no previous contact centre experience.


Establish a Coaching Relationship

There is a fine line between a coaching and management relationship. Micromanaging your team is rarely the right approach, so it’s important to find that line between a coaching and management relationship. When you establish a coaching relationship, it allows management to invest in the individual growth and professional development of your agents. Coaching is an incredible management approach that gives the power of development back to the employees. By coaching your agents, you are empowering them to understand the areas they need to improve.


Equip Your Team with the Right Technology

Improving the performance of your contact centre is almost completely dependent on the technology that you are implementing. The right tool will improve the productivity and functionality of your contact centre by simplifying the jobs and daily tasks of your agents. Automation and technology are great tools for improving the performance of your contact centre, as long as they are easy to use and effective. For example, Alvaria WFM is a cloud-based tool that tracks the performance and productivity of your agents, while allowing them to see where they can improve themselves while using the WFO tool for agents.


How Call Design Can Help

Call Design enables contact centres to analyse their business practices and create personalised action plans to enhance efficiencies at all levels of the organisation. With our consultative approach, Call Design equips and empowers contact centres to develop better management strategies through our various solutions. Contact Call Design today to learn how we can help you.