Build Higher Performing Teams with Gamification

Successful contact centres use gamification as a natural motivator to improve employee performance and transform the day-to-day employee experience. By leveraging collaboration, achievement, recognition, and competition, gamification is able to make training more engaging, ultimately reducing training costs, and improving CX.

An agent’s training is an important part of delivering a great customer service experience, but this process can often be repetitive, making it less fun for your team to embrace.

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Gamification Tools for contact centres

    Companies with engaged employees outperform those without by 202%

    Source: Business 2 Community


    Motivate Employees From Mobile Devices

    Creating a more employee-focused culture helps keep your team motivated and engaged and ultimately helps improve the customer experience.

    Using your mobile phone to easily see if you are meeting your KPIs and redeem rewards, Motivate makes it even easier to capture your employees’ attention – when you need to most.

    The Alvaria Motivate Mobile application provides:

    • Dashboards and notifications: A visual display of player information, goals, badges and timelines with automatic notifications for player updates.
    • Leader boards: Track progress and rankings with leader boards that display results and prizes won.
    • Competitions and friends: Active competition and collaboration with peers to boost engagement and motivation in your contact centre.
    • Awards and point redemption: Player badges and trophies in a virtual awards cupboard to showcase agent achievement and encourage competition with peers.

    Commonly Asked Questions

    Gamification applies game mechanics that encourage a specific behaviour with strategies to reach contact centre goals. Gamification programs don’t have to be structured to produce a winner, instead it’s when an agent reaches a specific level of competence and achieves an award. This technology is commonly used to improve contact centre operations by elevating employee engagement, driving KPIs and monitoring and upskilling staff.

    Choose a solution that has had proven success. Ensure you are able to design the solution in a way that works for your contact centre – not just a solution that offers a pre-packaged deployment. Find a vendor that can partner with you to review the gamification results in order to implement new initiatives to continue to keep staff motivated and engaged.

    Gamification allows you to set targets and thresholds, encouraging positive workplace practice and learning opportunities. Your contact centre can access real-time performance insights by viewing who has the most game points and is on top of the leader board.