Intelligent automation can alleviate common challenges and bring greater quantifiable operational and financial benefits to contact centres by elevating pressures on service delivery and improving the bottom line. Intelligent automation solutions are increasingly being applied throughout the contact centre industry to help you deliver a better customer experience and improve processes, as well as seamlessly support agents.

In the last few years, team leaders, trainers and WFM analysts have faced more and more challenges such as high attrition rates and needing to effectively monitor agent productivity, provide support, deliver training and find ways to improve contact centre operations.

As a result, many contact centres have implemented intelligent automation solutions such as Intradiem to help.

Find how intelligent automation is empowering contact centres and helping them overcome some of the challenges they face:

The Expense and Loss of Experience due to high Employee Attrition rates

Intelligent automation empowers not only agents but the whole workplace environment. Organisations that have implemented this reported that it helped reduce attrition as it reduces the time agents need to spend on more tedious tasks, provides informational pop-up notifications, facilitates coaching and helps employees feel more supported and connected with their teams.

Automating the manual tasks, allows team leaders and managers to spend more time coaching and developing their teams.  Learning and Development teams can deliver content more efficiently and therefore much more regularly, regardless of where staff are working from thus helping staff to feel more supported.

 Time-Consuming, Manual Processes for Exception Management

Team leaders and/or the WFM team spend a huge amount of time updating schedules with exceptions in the WFM system.  This process is required to provide realistic insight into what is happening on the day, but the time taken to do this is unrewarding.  Automating schedule updates is much more effective and efficient giving your staff more time back in their day to do analysis of the results. Real Time automation can monitor login and logout information and compare it to what an agent’s schedule says they should be doing and will update their schedule accordingly.

Improved Agent Productivity

Intelligent Automation can be used to improve the efficiency of off-phone tasks such as ACW or training.  Schedule related distractions can be minimised using the tool and reminders can be sent to deliver timely support.  Agents can also be coached and trained with small snippets of online training rather than needing scheduled classroom training.  This keeps staff current, knowledgeable and motivated while also increasing their productivity.

Cost of Labour 

As inflation continues to rise, so do employee expectations and the need for wage increases. According to CXCentral one customer service agent costs $53,066 (plus super) with an average bonus of $1,999. A customer service team leader salary is $74,500 with an average bonus of $4,500 plus super.

Intradiem’s intelligent automation can empower a contact centre to better utilise agent time and maximise labour resources. The software can provide clearer performance metrics and deeper management insights which team leaders can use to ensure agents are in the right place, at the right time, with the right skills.

Intelligent automation can overcome several contact centre challenges by streamlining processes and increasing operational efficiencies. As the demand for contact centre services increases and agents continue to work either from home or in a hybrid model, it’s imperative to adopt industry best practices and world-class intelligent automation software to optimise processes and better utilise resources.

If you’d like to learn more about intelligent automation and how to capture the full value of the software in your contact centre, contact our expert team today.