How Contact Centres Can Leverage Gamificaton

Contact centres are always looking for new ways to ensure employee engagement and productivity, especially now that many agents work, at least some of the time, from home. For remote agents especially, it can be more difficult to plug into the culture of the office and stay engaged with the brand without the face to face interaction they would usually have in the contact centre. This is where gamification can help. Contact centres can introduce gaming elements to motivate and engage staff while helping upskill and cross skill staff. It is an invaluable approach to increasing productivity for your workforce, whether they are working from home or in a contact centre.

Increase Focus

Through interactive gaming activities, an agents’ focus on the material can be improved, thus helping them learn new skills or embed existing skills more effectively. Gamification is typically split into smaller “levels” that agents can complete in their own time. Increasing the focus of your agents helps them to get the most out of the training.

Encourage Learning

Gamification can also work as a sort of training device for implementing new processes as well as developing the skills of new contact centre agents. Training your agents can be a complicated process, especially if your team is working remotely. Through gaming elements, you can track the knowledge and progress of your agents by testing them on your protocols. For agents that are struggling with the workload, gamification can be a great tool to target their learning requirements. 

Improve Motivation

There are few things more motivating than a little friendly competition! Through your gaming elements, agents will have the opportunity to earn points, rewards, and badges to mark their performance and progress. This can work as a great incentive. Deploying a gaming element in your contact centre performance management could be a great way to motivate them to serve your customers better.

Drive Engagement

Employee engagement is one of the most significant hurdles for contact centres. In an industry with high turnover, finding new ways to drive engagement is crucial to the success of your customer experience. Gamification allows employees to participate in entertaining and captivating activities that can help to keep them focused on the bigger picture.

How Call Design Can Help

Call Design recently partnered with Datagamz, the premier provider of gamification software. Through this partnership, Call Design is increasing the performance of contact centre agents with fun activities that can drastically improve the customer experience. Contact Call Design today to learn how we can help you.