If you’re able to empower your employees, increased productivity will be a byproduct. Find out how to successfully optimize your workplace to ensure your agents are empowered and engaged.

Find out how to optimise your workplace with Call Design.Are you looking for new ideas to increase productivity and decrease staff turnover?

Upskill managers and empower staff

Upskilling managers is the best investment a business can make – it opens doors and provides new learning opportunities which can be passed on to other employees. This culture of development creates a workplace that is never stagnant but is continually evolving.

Call Design’s training courses are designed to improve staff performance and to hone management skills. The manager essentials course teaches managers to manage their team effectively, monitor staff performance, provide effective coaching and keep staff engaged. No matter which course you’re interested in, Call Design will maximize your time spent learning and can cover everything from coaching employees and providing feedback to setting challenging yet achievable KPIs.

Optimize workplace health and wellbeing

People employed in more sedentary occupations, such as administrative workers, spend an average of 22 hours per week sitting for work. Unfortunately, It’s likely that in workplaces such as contact centers, these numbers are even higher.

Discover a Call Design training course to empower contact centre staff.Employers can implement standing desks and provide exercise balls for employees to sit on.

Sedentary behaviour in the workplace can lead to to adverse health outcomes, which can decrease employee productivity and engagement. To encourage employees to move around more, employers can implement standing desks or tables and can provide the option of exercise balls for employees to sit on. Standing or walking meetings are a great way to ensure staff spend less time sitting.

Managers can also look at implementing some lunchtime workplace challenge using sports or active games where employees can compete with each other to win points and prizes. Sometimes just making sure employees get up from their desk and take a walk around the office can dramatically increase morale and productivity.

Increase employee flexibility (ME)

Empowered staff are those that feel trusted in their ability to make their own decisions, to work autonomously and to regularly upskill. Software such as Call Design’s workforce management tool, (ME) offers employees the ability to use an application their phones to view their schedules, apply for leave and see their adherence wherever they are. This app increases autonomy by allowing schedule adjustments without staff needing to be in the office.

If you’re interested in growing your business by empowering staff and optimizing your workforce get in touch with the Call Design team today.