Providing Organisations with Real Time Visibility into Operations

ProHance is an enterprise-grade operations enablement and analytics platform that provides insights for smarter decisions in complex, distributed and hybrid workforces. With a focus on empowering smarter decisions, ProHance is your key to enhanced productivity for employees who spend the majority of their time at a workstation. By meticulously analysing application usage, quantifying output and delving into work patterns, ProHance offers invaluable insights while providing a seamless platform for efficient work allocation.

What ProHance Can Do for Your Organisation

ProHance helps you create a more efficient workplace culture focused on continued improvement.

Productivity Management

Uses Lean and Six Sigma techniques to reduce variation and boost overall productivity. Ability to measure output and compare across different work groups.

Equitable Load Balancing

Keeps an eye on workloads to avoid teams being overworked or underutilised. Helps to ensure people remain in the healthy zone. Reminds employees to take breaks for their well-being helping to keep staff engaged and preventing burnout.

New Hire Integration

Monitor the learning curve of new hires and ensure better integration into your production environment. The data-driven approach can also be used to help you decide when new hires are ready to work in a hybrid environment.

Reduce Unaccounted Absenteeism

Matches leave requests in the HR system with actual attendance, leading to a 5-10% increase in adherence.

Smart Work Allocation and Prioritisation

Enables remote distribution and management of tasks to ensure they’re completed on time as per service level agreements (SLAs).

Control and Compliance

Takes trigger-based screenshots for any compliance or regulatory requirements.

Work from Anywhere (GeoTagging)

Provides real time visibility and offline data collection enabling your staff to work from anywhere. You can report on the global footprint of your workforce through GeoTagging.

Virtual Badging & Overtime Optimisation

Automatically tracks attendance when logging into the system. Records productive hours within scheduled time and identifies any productive activities undertaken outside regular hours or on weekends ensuring that overtime is calculated accurately.

Design Your Workday

Offers flexibility to employees to design their workday if the nature of work allows this.

Build a Culture of Transparency & Performance

Improves the decision-making ability of your business with accurate and real-time data insights.

ProHance is trusted by 180+ organisations across 350K user base in 24 countries including industry leaders in sectors such as finance, technology, healthcare and more.

ProHance Modules

ProHance’s comprehensive suite of modules caters to the needs of organisations across every sector and industry.

Work Time Module: Tracks time spent at workstation. Provides a real-time view of user workstation engagement by tracking time on/off the system, idle hours and schedule adherence.

Work Output Module: Quantifies and measures work output. Evaluates the quantitative output against time spent, providing valuable insights into work quality and team performance.

Work flow Module: Allocates and manages work in real time. Simplifies task management by automating routine workflows, ensuring efficient processes and timely completion of tasks.

Advanced Analytics Module: Offers in-depth analysis and trend identification, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement and increased efficiency.

Asset Optimisation Module: Enables auto discovery of inventory, geotagging of assets and software utilisation. This module optimises your IT assets by analysing system performance in real time. It identifies both under and over-utilised assets and gives actionable insights for efficient employee asset management.

Screen Capture Module: Enables compliance and data privacy via on-demand image and video capture, trigger-based screenshots and detailed reporting.

Integrate ProHance with your WFM system, Service Now, HR or Payroll system. Talk to us to find out more.