Competitive Edge

Give your business a Competitive Edge

Call Design offers a carefully balanced service of technology, operational excellence and consulting support called the ‘Competitive Edge’. Our service is tailored to meet your unique business needs.

The Competitive Edge service quite simply allows companies that would normally be unable to access the level of experience to compete with larger or more mature corporations. We replace years of necessary upskilling and software purchases to deliver you immediate value in the marketplace.

Since 1999, we’ve worked hard to build strong and trusted relationships with our clients. We continue to deliver outstanding business results and workforce optimisation. Our expert team has a focus on approachability, and we work tirelessly to ensure that any new solution adopted through Call Design moulds perfectly into your business culture.

What is Competitive Edge?

Our exciting new product provides Australian companies with superior workforce optimisation that works for them.

What we are offering is workforce optimisation as a service. Our expert teams can be implemented into your business processes so that you are seeing results from day one. This means that businesses can bypass acquiring the knowledge, staff and software for themselves and instead work directly with our existing expertise to achieve results faster.

Competitive Edge can tackle the issues which most impact your business. Be that high workloads, managing schedules or addressing stress, access to experience and expertise can help wherever you need it at a level previously unaffordable. Competitive Edge will help you increase staff retention, acquire a high level of expertise and experience, provide a superior customer experience, improve technology, save money, time and have access to on-tap Call Design support.



Give your business a Competitive Edge

To make the transition to Competitive Edge even easier, we offer a no obligation, no cost audit of your current operations. This includes providing improvement recommendations and an outline of how we can bring a competitive edge to your business.

Benefits of Competitive Advantage

  • Increase staff retention
  • Acquire high level of expertise and experience
  • Provide superiors customer experience
  • Improve technology
  • Save money (25% average saving)
  • Save Time
  • Access on-tap-support
Competitive Edge


Contact us today for find out more to arrange a no obligation, no cost audit.