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What Is Gamification?

Gamification is the employment of interactive gaming elements into an agent’s training, used for the sole purpose of motivating staff and building engagement while boosting training efficiency. From customer satisfaction scores to handling times, employing gamification positively affects all areas of the contact centre.

While gamification has only existed for a brief period of time, the adoption of this method amongst the contact centre industry is quickly becoming common practice. Proactive contact centre managers are actively switching to gamification to save on training costs and raise the standard of customer service quality.

Gamification In Contact Centres

Gamification within the contact centre industry is designed primarily to make training more engaging and provide variation to regular contact centre activities. The employment of gamification directly correlates with better absorption of information and increased employee motivation.

Through Alvaria’s Motivate gamification software, managers can accelerate team building, monitor training performance closer, communicate clear goals and model CX experiences through intuitively designed games.

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Key Capabilities Of Gamification

Gamification is used to improve employee engagement and enhance information retention during the training process, creating higher quality customer experiences and raising the standard of the contact centre.

Build Agent Engagement

Gamification provides your contact centre with a new frontier for engagement, using gaming elements that provide variation in workflow, while remaining aligned with contact centre goals.

Training Opportunities

Gamification allows contact centre managers to analyse agent training in finer detail. Quantifying weaknesses in an agent’s training is an important aspect of correcting performance early and training agents to execute their tasks to perfection.

Performance Feedback

The use of gamification allows agents to practice their skills in customer service simulations prior to real world use. Obtaining feedback through simulations prevents damage to contact centre performance and gives newly trained agents a better opportunity to accurately assess their abilities and set goals for individual growth.

Gamification techniques

Increased Motivation

Gaming elements naturally breed increased competition amongst participants, creating a drive for better performance, ultimately leading to increased agent motivation that enriches contact centre performance outcomes.

Ongoing Development

Gamification is an interactive way for agents to enjoy training, incentivising continuous improvement and learning within contact centres. Online training modules provide agents with productive and flexible development opportunities.

Advanced Performance

Through harnessing gamification, contact centre managers can refine performance and track progress in ways that were never previously possible. Tools like gamification help unlock an agent’s full potential within the contact centre, fuelling better organisational performance.

Alvaria Motivate

The recent merger of industry leaders Aspect and Nobel has unified the strengths of both organisations to become Alvaria.

Alvaria Motivate represents a market-leading solution designed specifically to improve every aspect of a contact centre’s performance. Employing Alvaria’s gamification solution enables contact centre managers to deliver a more engaging and streamlined training process, delivering increased agent performance and engagement built to last.

Alvaria Motivate can be intergraded with any existing training plan, delivering increased training performance no matter what your contact centres’ goals are.

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