Integration in your Contact Centre

At Call Design we understand that the contract centre is often the first place in an organisation where so many disparate systems come together and need to be used to resolve customer queries.  As a result of being around the industry for such a long time, we have seen many systems come and go, and often the integration point between disparate systems is the agent. This is not making the most of an agent’s time and can result in errors or rework.

As such, Call Design has built up a long history of integrating information from disparate systems and our expertise can help you to consolidate data across routing platforms, workforce management, quality management and additional sources such as speech, text and desktop analytics where actionable insights are waiting to be uncovered and brought to the attention of your users.

Common integrations include integrating workforce management systems with payroll systems to enable one source of truth for scheduled hours or annual leave taken, or for the payroll system to provide regularly updated employee information to the WFM system.

Other integrations include providing data from an IVR to a quality management system, or from an IVR to an agent desktop application, or from one desktop application to another.

Really the limitations are only your imagination!

Centralising and syncing your business systems

When you work with Call Design, we start by meeting with your team to determine what it is you need from us or our products. From there, we will often run a series of application and design consultations to design a system that is tailored to your requirements. We then go away and develop a proposal that meets your needs and once you have accepted our proposal we will configure, or build as required, the solution. After testing and training, we get the full product into production and can help up-skill your team to ensure everyone is using the solution as effectively as possible.



The Call Design Advantage

When you work with Call Design you are getting a team of professionals that are here to help you for the long haul. Whether you want us to sit down with your team for complete training and consultation sessions or you’re simply looking for us to tweak the product to fit your needs – we’ve got you covered.



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