Interactive Voice Recognition for Contact Centres

Interactive Voice Response systems (IVR) are a type of technology that allow an organisation to interact with clients through an automated voice system. Callers can retrieve information or perform transactions by either entering relevant numbers or speaking their commands.

These systems help automate certain types of customer interactions – freeing up agents to use their skills for more relevant activities to drive business benefit while also ensuring customers are getting immediate access to the information they need.

Call Design have a team of highly experienced IVR consultants that can help you get the most from your investment.

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How does IVR work?

Basic IVR systems allow incoming callers to navigate their way through a series of menus to help them perform some self-service functions, or ensure they talk to the correctly skilled agent.  Most frequently, the customer communicates with the IVR system via tones emitted when they press keys on their telephone keypad . More advanced systems leverage speech-recognition software which allows customers to speak to the IVR, which can allow more complex transactions to be readily performed.

Of course, everyone has heard of Siri, and Alexa, or ‘Hey Google’. These systems are very similar in concept to an advanced IVR system and Call Design has the ability to build systems that employ this advanced ‘natural language’ type of speech recognition to maximise the functionality that you provide, with ease of use for your customers.

Another term that has come of age for this type of technology is ‘Chatbot’, and these are not really any more than an advanced IVR system that employs some form of artificial intelligence to be able to understand a customer’s query and respond appropriately.

However you want your IVR to work, Call Design’s IVR software provides you with best-in-class technology, configured by experts to meet your customer requirements without confusing them.

What can the Call Design team do for you?

The thing about IVR, or any kind of technology, is that it’s only effective when programmed and used in the correct way. This is where Call Design comes in.

We first consult with our clients to understand their business needs, then design the software to address these requirements and follow up with tailored integration for your team. Once we have successfully configured the software, our team is available to train your staff in the functions they need to keep the product up and running. Here’s what the process looks like:


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