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Contact centres today are expected to meet a higher standard of service than ever before! Staff members are expected to increase the quality of their customer interactions while raising the overall experience for everyone who is involved.

Call Design’s end-to-end outbound solution provides organisations the tools they need to effectively enact the various campaigns run through their contact centres. Leveraging industry-leading dialler technology with the best Workforce Management platform worldwide, Call Design is here to make sure you get the most out of this tool from training your team to integrating the solution with your various systems.

Dialler as a Solution

Call Design’s Alvaria Dialler leverages management, all while providing industry-leading voice, modem, pager and answering machine detection. Not only does it help you improve the productivity of your team members, but it allows them to provide your customers with the best experience possible.



Increase Conversion and Maximise Customer Reach

Automatic Dialling

This feature enables managers to set a call-to- agent ratio on which to base automatic dialling. The system will not begin dialling until enough agents are logged into the company systems – the more people that log in, the faster the pacing is set.

Preview Dialling

This tool allows managers to set a time for which an agent can view an outbound call record before the system automatically places a dial.

Predict Dialling

There are sets of complex algorithms that determine the precise pacing of calls. This is the feature that controls that. It takes a variety of variables into consideration including time zone, do-not- call lists and other dynamic filtering measures.

Precision Dialling

This function minimises the number of calls waiting for an agent by adjusting the actual number of calls dialled to the availability of agents at a given time during the dialling sequence.

Manual Dialling

The system can store extensive directories and allows agents to call with one-click, eliminating the redundant action of manually dialling numbers.


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