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Understanding your past and present is critical to preparing for the future. This is why technology that enables you to see how staff are performing, helps you predict future business needs and ensures staff know what is expected of them should be at the top of your list in terms of technology purchases.

At Call Design, we are renowned for implementing the best workforce management solutions in the market. These tools are designed to put confidence in the hands of both employer and employee so regardless of your size, we have a solution for you.

Whether on-premise or in the cloud, Call Design can help you forecast, schedule and track the performance of your organisation, driving efficiencies and engaging staff with mobile apps and tools that enable them to swap shifts, apply for leave and even bid on which shift they would like to work.

Workforce Management Software

Call Design is one of the most trusted suppliers of Workforce Management software. Paired with our team of experts we can quickly help your team access a suite of capabilities including forecasting, data analysis, staff management, staff empowerment and staff motivation. Using our workforce management tools, you’ll easily be able to analyse shrinkage and productivity, empower your staff and plan a raft of budgetary and strategic scenarios.

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Workforce Management

    Features of Workforce Management


    Forecasting is a key strength of workforce management software. It lets workforce planners accurately plan and predict business peaks and troughs, giving them a complete picture of upcoming staffing requirements. Additionally, it can compare historic patterns with infinite “what-if” scenarios, import user-supplied volumes, analyse and track shrinkage, help with budget planning and work out how much customer contact is expected throughout the forecast period, whether it be calls, emails, SMS or chat.

    Invest In Workforce Planning Today

    Many contact centres are under enormous pressure to achieve short-term, mid-term and long-term goals. Focusing on strong HR Management and strategic Workforce Planning enables your contact centre to advance employee engagement and retention while adapting to customer requirements.

    One of the most critical Workforce Planning roles is a Real-Time Analyst. The Real Time Analyst provides recommendations throughout the day to help the contact centre meet operational objectives. Discover more about the role of a Real-Time Analyst in our FREE sample job description.

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      Why Choose Call Design?

      Call Design is not just a vendor, but a partner. We are a global leader in the workforce optimisation space because of our innovative solutions and superior service.

      When you become one of our customers, a Call Design consultant will come on-site to gain a better understanding of how best to implement workforce management into your existing infrastructure and business processes. Through our four-step consultation process, we’ll review your business and its goals to ensure that we are offering the best possible service to meet your strategic objectives.

      We offer on-site training on both best practice workforce management and software functionality to help you get the most from your investment. Our team of experts will bring your team up to speed on all software being integrated into your business, and our 24-hour contact centre is on standby to assist should you ever require additional assistance.


      To learn more about implementing a new Workforce Management Solutionin your business, contact us today.