Unlocking productivity within a contact centre through the utilisation of intelligent automation is key to quantifying how automation and artificial intelligence has provided an unprecedented return on investment.

As contact centres strive to streamline operations, improve customer experience and create work environments conducive to success, the deployment of intelligent automation is reinforcing the optimal blend of human skills and technology.

The business case for intelligent automation is simple; it increases customer service agent productivity, reduces the time team leaders and workforce management (WFM) spend on low-value tasks and provides proficiency in streamlined training delivery.

Contact centres are renowned for being challenged by employees who are required to process and react to the right information in a timely manner to support frontline staff and manage inherently fluctuating conditions.

The ability for team leaders to gain real-time insights to maintain and elevate productivity and provide valuable assistance on difficult calls is traditionally a challenge. What intelligent automation does is improve the ability to increase the productivity of agents through real-time insights and a reduction of manual tasks. It gives team leaders the knowledge faster and more efficiently, while at the same time, reducing the demand agents have for their help.

Intelligent automation’s ability to quantify return on investment is appealing from a business case perspective. ROI alone prioritises intelligent automation over many other new innovations, with contact centres realising value fast.

4 key benefits of using intelligent automation solutions in contact centres include:

Efficiency of Employee Training

Finding time for agent training is essential to improving capabilities. Intradiem’s ability to automatically deliver training to individual agents during pockets of availability is key to reducing time wastage. As a result, training delivery is less disruptive as fewer agents need to be in training simultaneously and there is less need to get people to work overtime so that training can be completed. It also reduces the amount of time required by the WFM team and team leaders to schedule and reschedule training for those who missed it, as it is delivered in smaller, online, bite-sized chunks.

Reduced Employee Attrition

Manual, low-level tasks have a significant impact on contact centre agents, team leaders, WFM analysts and trainers and therefore job satisfaction. Reducing the time needed for more tedious tasks like exception entry by the WFM team and providing agents with coaching and support when they need it can help staff feel more connected to their teams and supported by their company. As a result employee attrition is lowered as staff have better job fulfilment.

Greater Customer Service Agent Productivity

Intradiem’s ability to find areas of efficiencies and to improve the productivity of agents’ on and off phone tasks such as providing support and training and after-call work (ACW) is game-changing. The simplicity of being able to adjust the rules engine to optimise use cases for the unique environments within contact centres is heightened by the ability to streamline large volumes of data and low-value tasks renewing focus on higher value-adding tasks.

Elevate Flexibility

If the pandemic has shown us anything, it is that all contact centres must be adaptable and dynamic. Intelligent automation provides the support staff need when working remotely. Intradiem’s SaaS-based solutions help facilitate working from home environments as it lets team leaders know when agents need help so they can monitor, coach and deliver help when it is needed.  It also enables centres to offer more voluntary time off.

Additionally, intelligent automation reinforces flexibility to support all unique contact centre environments through its integration with your automatic call distribution systems, WFM platform and learning management systems. As a result, decision-makers can seamlessly respond to the ever-changing conditions in the contact centre.

By using intelligent automation, contact centres are empowered to free up valuable time, reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve the quality of contact centre work environments. If you would like to learn more about Intradiem’s intelligent automation, let’s chat.