Are you looking to expand your knowledge in Back Office Workforce Management?

Our course is designed to teach the best practices of Workforce Management in a back office context.

Find out what you need to put in place to be successful.


  • Introduction to Workforce Management
  • Forecasting & Planning
  • Performance Analysis
  • Management Support Framework
  • Governance & Contingency Planning
  • Communication & Change

Front office operations so often take all the attention, but optimising your back office is vital for business success. The back office leadership team need efficiency tools and better management techniques just as much as call centre agents or customer service representatives – if not more so. Backlog and delays in the back office can have a direct impact on other areas of your business as your customers start calling to find out more information.

This is one area where Call Design can help you. Our WFM Essentials for Back Office Operations course is designed to teach the best practices of workforce management in a back office context, covering forecasting and planning through to change management, and everything in between. Read on to find a summary of this course, or download our course brochure to read a breakdown of each module.

Workforce management in the back office is all about increasing visibility and maximising resources to improve the efficiency of your back office operations.

  • Better forecasting and planning techniques to ensure the right staff are always in place to meet workload demands.
  • How to set contingency plans to fall back on should something unexpected occur.
  • Staff training and support frameworks, as well as good communication skills.

This course is broken down into six key modules, each of which is designed to walk you through a vital step of the workforce management journey in a clear and informative manner. Importantly, this course does not require any particular software to use. While the lessons can be used in tandem with WFM software like Alvaria, these are the best industry practices of WFM and can be applied to any existing company infrastructure.

Any team leader in the back office environment can benefit from this course. Though specifically, staff in the following areas will get the most insight: Back office workforce planners, forecasters, analysts and administrators.

Call Design is a global leader in providing workforce management solutions and training for both the back and front office. We have a wide range of training courses and solutions available to help optimise your workforce, and our expert consultants always work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure that a Call Design solution is always done right.

To learn more about the modules in our WFM Essentials for Back Office Operations course, download our course brochure now. Otherwise, contact Call Design today to speak with one of our experts.


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