Are you looking to expand your knowledge in Management?

Our manager essentials course trains you in best practice theory that can be deployed in any business.

Find out what tools you need to be a successful leader.


  • Leadership techniques
  • Performance management processes
  • Quality management
  • Workforce planning for managers
  • Workforce engagement management
  • Becoming a coach

Strong leadership is an important element of all business functions – no matter what the organisation. It’s particularly essential for driving successful teams and a shortfall in this skill set can cause a number of issues within your organisation. What training do your managers need to ensure your staff are efficient and happy?

Call Design is a specialist in providing call centre specific training and has years of experience in upskilling office leaders. So what does the manger essentials course involve and how is it implemented?

Successful managers are able to effectively manage their team, monitor staff performance, provide effective coaching and keep staff engaged. In essence they are essential to every business.

Call Design’s Manager Essentials course covers a variety of leadership techniques that can be utilised in any organisation. It covers topics like:

  • The five step performance management process.
  • The four-step quality management loop.
  • The basics of workforce planning for managers.
  • Strategies to enable workforce engagement management.

The Manager Essentials course is broken up into five easily digestible modules designed to walk you through best practice theory. The skills you learn can be deployed in any business regardless of your existing structures and software brand.

Learn more about what is contained in each module by downloading the course brochure.

Team managers, people leaders and any managers or prospective managers who want to learn more about what it takes to lead a team.

Call Design is one of Australia’s leading workforce optimisation consultancies. We specialise in partnering with contact centres, back offices and retail companies to streamline processes with industry-leading technology solutions. We also provide a wide range of training courses to help upskill workforces across the country.

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