Are you responsible for your Performance Management Program?

Our Performance Management Essentials course teaches you everything you need to know to design and implement a successful Performance Management program.

Find out what you need to put in place to be a successful Performance Manager.


  • Module 1: Align
  • Module 2: Connect
  • Module 3: Teach
  • Module 4: Influence
  • Module 5: Validate
  • The "ACTIV8" System

Imagine two companies, side by side, both of which sell largely the same product at a similar price. What’s going to be the factor that makes you choose one over the other?

Having the best staff.

Performance management isn’t just about running arbitrary personal improvement courses because you feel obliged to, but taking the time and energy to invest in the development of your staff, so they’ll invest in the development of your business.

Performance management is the process by which a manager sets strategic goals and KPIs for staff, ensures these are clearly communicated across all departments, and works to help all agents feel empowered to achieve their personal targets.

A training course like Call Design’s Performance Management Essentials course is designed to walk managers through the performance management life cycle, from ideation through to revision. You’ll learn how to:

  1. Envision a performance management plan.
  2. Create and support the training infrastructure needed for its success.
  3. Coach staff and encourage self-evaluation.
  4. Revise the plan and set actionable next steps.

Our course makes learning performance management skills easy and effective. It follows the simple system “ACTIV8”, which lays out each of the key performance management components we mentioned above (setting goals, supporting training infrastructure, and so on) in a logical order.

Read our course brochure to learn more about what each step on the ACTIV8 journey involves.

Contact centre managers, team leaders and any other manager who would be involved with starting, running and evaluating a learning and development process.

Call Design is one of Australia’s leading workforce optimisation consultancies. We specialise in partnering with contact centres, back offices and retail companies to streamline processes and, in the case of performance management, improve goal setting and staff performance.

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