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  • Purpose
  • Measure
  • Assess
  • Performance

Quality management is the foundation of any successful business. However, to truly control quality in your company, you need to be able to align your entire team to a set of concrete goals. Without these objectives as a guide, you are opening yourself to several risk factors as well as an inconsistent customer journey for those dealing with your organisation.

Call Design can help organisations ensure they have all the tools they need to effectively manage quality internally. Our Quality Management Essentials course gives you the skills to identify where improvements can be made, and what steps need to be taken to ensure each customer touch point is consistently monitored. We are here to help create a lasting difference in your customer success program.

Quality management is a series of processes that aim to increase the level of service provided to your client base. When done right, quality management can be used to optimise the productivity of your agents, increase customer satisfaction rates, and maximise your bottom line.

Call Design’s Quality Management Essentials course is designed to create an environment that centres around quality processes and customer service. When you take our course, you’ll delve into topics like:

  • Setting goals
  • Encouraging ownership
  • Building evaluation scorecards
  • Performance areas and quality attributes
  • Barriers to progress
  • Quality guidelines
  • Providing feedback
  • Dispute resolution

Quality management can feel like a big project to tackle. With this in mind, we’ve broken down the processes into four key modules: Purpose, Measure, Assess and Performance,

Each module will teach you quality management best practice and detail the steps you need to achieve optimal results.

You can learn more about what’s in each of our four modules by downloading the course brochure.

Are you in a position to make meaningful quality management changes in your organisation? If so, this course is for you. Our training is designed to be particularly relevant to:

  • Quality managers
  • Contact centre managers
  • L&D managers
  • Team leaders
  • Quality assessors

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