Are you a Workforce Planner looking to expand your knowledge?

Our Workforce Management Essentials Course is designed to teach you forecasting, scheduling and intraday management

Find out all of the principles and practicalities that Workforce Planners need to know


  • Introduction & Overview
  • Forecasting & Planning
  • Scheduling Considerations
  • Performance Analysis
  • Contingency Planning
  • Communication Skills

The beauty of workforce management is that its core principles and applications require no specific software to use, and anyone can pick them up. But despite being vital to the contact centre, back office and retail industries, WFM remains one of their least-understood functions.

This is where Call Design comes in. Our Workforce Management Essentials training course is designed to teach you the foundations of good WFM, and how to implement them in your own business. Let’s explore a brief overview of the course and how it is implemented – download the WFM Essentials course brochure to find out more.

Workforce management is a series of processes designed to optimise the productivity of your agents, increase customer satisfaction rates, and maximise your bottom line. Your course will either be online or on site.  You will have a live trainer and are encouraged to ask questions to ensure your understanding of the content.  There will be exercises and discussion on all the topics.

Call Design’s WFM course is specifically designed to set the foundations of good WFM in your business, covering topics like:

  • Forecasting and scheduling
  • Better communication
  • Analysis and contingency planning

To make learning WFM skills easier, we’ve broken down the processes into six key modules. The modules will walk you through the best practice theory of WFM, and like we mentioned before, they require no specific software to use immediately within your business.

You can learn more about what’s in each of our six modules by downloading the course brochure.

If you’re in charge of agents and in a position to make changes that will increase efficiency, this course is for you. It’s particularly relevant to WFM managers, workforce planners, schedulers, training managers and team leaders.

Since 1999, Call Design has been a consultancy built on getting the job done, and doing it right the first time. We’re leaders in Australia at providing contemporary WFM solutions to contact centres, back offices and retail outlets, and are flexible enough to work with businesses both large and small. Our suite of cloud-based solutions includes advanced WFM software, mobile app integration, in-depth consultation services and, of course, best practice training.

If you’d like to learn more about our service, contact us today. Otherwise download our WFM Essentials course brochure to learn more about this course.


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