Alvaria and Call Design announce a new Alvaria Workforce customer, TSA Group. Australia’s leading CX outsourcing solutions provider, TSA Group, has approximately 3,000 customer service and sales agents servicing industries including telco, health insurance, finance and retail. TSA Group considers themselves an extension of their partners’ businesses, helping them connect with their customers through the end-to-end provision of care, acquisition, sales, back office and collections services.

TSA Group opted to migrate to the Alvaria Workforce, provided by Alvaria channel partner Call Design, to take advantage of the added capability and benefits of a contact centre-as-a-solution (CCaaS). With Australian operations in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Philippines operations in Manila, TSA Group was in the market for an enterprise-level, cloud workforce management solution with sophisticated forecasting and scheduling capability. Alvaria Workforce enables TSA to optimise resources across multiple teams and customer campaigns.

TSA Group needed a solution that would provide their agents with advanced self-service capabilities to ensure their staff have the ability to access shift information, request time off and swap shifts remotely. Alvaria Workforce was selected to help TSA accomplish their goal by maximising contact centre efficiency while minimising operating costs.

Philippe Lanoux, TSA Group Reporting and Analytics manager, said, “We needed a cloud solution that would integrate with our broader contact centre technology, and provide our staff with a tool that enables them to manage their schedules when out of the office. These were important factors in our decision to move to Alvaria Workforce with Call Design.”

Learn more about how the Alvaria Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) Suite can maximise contact centre productivity without increasing cost.

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The staff at Call Design are well-recognised as experts in workforce optimisation solutions for contact centres in Australia, New Zealand, United States, Europe and Asia. Offering both on-site and in-the-cloud solutions, Call Design has a robust offering of innovative solutions that optimise the workforce. Combining best-in-class technologies with an experienced team of consultants to offer businesses personalised workforce optimisation solutions, Call Design empowers your employees, engages customers, and automates everyday work processes with seamless implementation aimed at enhancing efficiencies at every level of an organisation.

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