Back Office Optimisation

Imagine Achieving Frontline Efficiency in the Back Office

The expectations of customers have been heightened through the advancement in digital communications. As such, the customer experience is a focal point for all businesses seeking to have a competitive advantage. This fast-paced, instant gratification, demand generation from customers can at times create issues with culture and performance if not managed appropriately. That’s where Call Design comes in.

Call Design’s consultants are experienced across all customer interactions helping businesses just like yours to seamlessly optimise and empower your workforce, improve the service your customers receive, in a win-win scenario.

We work with you to deliver programs, technology and a framework that accelerates the ability for the back office to play a pivotal role in creating tangible and sustainable improvements to the customer experience.

Empower Employees, Improve Customer Experience

The customer experience is influenced from the very first time a customer comes into contact with your brand, through to, and long after, their request has been completed. Competition is not only fierce but more dynamic. How the back-office influences the customer experience is evolving and many customer requirements cannot be completed automatically or by the front line. The requirement to refine efficiencies and optimise the workforce across the operation’s environment is more critical than ever before.

A combination of our workforce optimisation expertise, business consulting experience, in-house custom development capabilities, and extensive technology partnerships enable Call Design to design a bespoke approach to meet your evolving business needs to empower employees and improve the customer experience.




Call Design's Back Office Optimisation Process:

There are 4 crucial steps to Call Design’s back-office optimisation program that will change the way you reach your customer experience goals. The approach is well-recognised as producing the highest possible results. Consultants will:

  • Initiate: Define the approach context and scope of your business requirements
  • Develop: Design a plan in conjunction with your business that is relevant and meets your requirements
  • Implement: Guide and support your business during deployment so handover is smooth and your business is self sufficient
  • Operate: The handover process is designed in such a way that you will be better enabled for continuous improvement
Call Design Back Office Optimisation Process


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