Our Technology

Call Design makes use of technology for use in the operation of its day to day business including collaboration, development, management, accounting and payroll, and various LAB and development systems.

Call Design supports workforce optimisation applications on customer provided IT infrastructure and adopts our customer’s IT management and associated security and privacy requirements.

Call Design utilises various application hosted platforms for the provision of Software or Infrastructure as a service in either a shared tenant or dedicated single customer configuration.

Call Design as a business-to-business provider does not provide transaction processing services so does not have access to or store ‘end customer’ information or transactional information.

For Call Design hosted applications, we may store customer staff information such as employee name and login and state information such as call start and end times. Information transferred from customer systems to our Hosted application are transferred securely and stored in a SQL database.

In all cases, virtual servers are used in the provision of Hosted services with Call Design managing access to infrastructure and the application data quite separately. Standards, policies and operational practices are in place to secure and protect ours and our customers’ information.