Workforce Managment

Optimise Your WorkforceWith An Experienced Team

Optimising the workforce isn’t what it use to be. For a start, there are so many more variables, new ways of operating and technologies that have to be taken into account. Costs are rising, employees are needing more support, and customers are demanding better experiences. From contact centres to back offices, retail to larger corporate structures, improving efficiencies and effectiveness is paramount. Call Design has built its business on building strong relationships with contact centres to help them navigate workforce management as part of their greater business playbook. We use our in-depth knowledge of workforce management solutions with a firm understanding of people and culture to provide bespoke recommendations for our clients.

To understand the current state of your organisation, Call Design will conduct a thorough assessment. We work on-site and hand-in-hand with your managers to ensure that we have an accurate picture of where you are today and where you want to be in the future. With this foundation, we can execute our comprehensive process for optimisation.

Transform the Performance of your Contact Centre

Call Design’s optimisation excellence program starts with assessing the past and present to determine the current state of a contact centre. This aids in ascertaining current practices and their effectiveness. Through a series of workshops and consultation sessions, we help you determine your future state. Call Design then formulates a strategic approach to transform your organisation ensuring that your contact centre is optimised at every touchpoint. Key performance indicators are established as part of what we do, with a clear understanding and commitment to value realisation. We also analyse the performance of the optimised workforce processes, which may include integrating new technology with change management as the enabler. Call Design’s commitment to helping your business realise the full potential of the contact centre means we are involved even after the improvements have been integrated to ensure that all new changes and supporting tools are working as they are intended and align with the new standards.



Call Design's Optimisation Process

Call Design is dedicated to realising your company’s full potential. Through our consulting experience, we are able to transform your company’s performance to unleash the very best that you have to offer. Our process not only improves the way that your organisation is run but also empowers your staff to better serve your customers.

From workforce management solutions through to the integration of technology platforms we ensure that your contact centre work is more efficient and effective than ever before.

Call Design Optimisation Process