Understanding the Strategic Importance of Workforce Management

Although workforce management is frequently overlooked in strategic planning, it is crucial to recognize the significant contributions that WFM professional can make to the strategic planning process.  The undervaluation often stems from a lack of understanding by senior management above the WFM team and at times, even because of the leadership within the WFM team.Read more


Sydney, Australia, 29 May 2023 - Call Design, a leading provider of workforce optimisation solutions, is thrilled to announce its new status as Alvaria’s first and currently only global Diamond Partner. This prestigious partnership signifies a significant milestone in Call Design’s ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional services and solutions to contact centres in Australia and the United States.

As Alvaria’s Diamond Partner, Call Design joins an exclusive group of companies acknowledged for their expertise in contact centres and ability to drive change across workforce management. While there are two other Diamond partners worldwide, they are limited to regional operations, making Call Design the sole global recipient of this distinction. This achievement reflects the unwavering dedication and outstanding performance of Call Design’s entire team across various areas, including WFM strategy, sales, implementation, administration, and support.

Nimesh Dhanak, CEO of Call Design, says “Becoming Alvaria’s Global Diamond Partner is an incredibly momentous milestone for our company. This is a recognition that only partners with outstanding sales performance can achieve, so it serves as a testament to the collective hard work and commitment of our team over the years in fostering a successful relationship with Alvaria. Every part of our business has a connection with Alvaria in some way, shape, or form, and this partnership recognises the value we bring to the table.”

The partnership between Call Design and Alvaria has continually evolved, centred around workforce optimisation solutions and training for contact centres. This achievement reinforces Call Design’s commitment to expanding its relationship with Alvaria and propelling the growth of both organisations, in partnership.

About Call Design:

Call Design is a leading provider of workforce optimisation solutions, empowering organisations to enhance customer experiences, boost operational efficiency, and maximise agent productivity. With extensive industry experience and a deep understanding of contact centres, Call Design offers a comprehensive suite of software and services designed to optimise workforce management, quality monitoring, performance management, training and coaching. Their solutions enable businesses to achieve their goals through streamlined operations, customer experience and improved employee engagement.

Unlocking the Advantages of Remote Agents in Workforce Management: Exploring the benefits from a Workforce Management Perspective

As the world becomes increasingly connected, remote working continues to be extremely popular and for contact centres this can offer significant advantages.

Read more


Intelligent Automation: How Contact Centres Are Driving Success

Digital transformation and intelligent automation are helping the contact centre industry accelerate growth, achieve operational excellence, and drive superior customer satisfaction. Intelligent automation empowers agents by maximising their time and helps engage and motivate them to meet KPIs thus improving your customers’ experience.

Often the reputation of a contact centre lies in the hands of its agents, therefore, ensuring they have the skills and ability to provide a high-quality customer experience is crucial. This is where intelligent automation can help.

Many contact centres simply do not provide enough support for their agents or have the bandwidth to offer regular training and development opportunities. By deploying intelligent automation agents no longer need to miss out on communications and training that empower and equip them to do their jobs better.
Tasks such as entering exceptions in schedules can be automated and even adjusting breaks and lunches proactively in ways that benefit both your agents and the business.

You can alert agents to wrap up after call work to reduce average handle time or quickly send offers to enable staff to take voluntary time off. All of this can be done in real time, freeing up your managers to do more important tasks and reducing operating costs.

Intelligent Automation as Command Centre

Intelligent automation serves as a command centre as it connects to both your telephony platform and your WFM system, allowing contact volumes, staffing availability and workflow processes to be monitored and actions to be taken in real time.

You can specify the criteria and when actions should be taken so that agents get the help they need, when they need it, and idle time can be used more productively to offer short coaching and training options. If the volume of calls suddenly increases, the software will return agents to work and pause the coaching or training session.

How you can Benefit from Intelligent Automation

Customers call when they want and when they need to. This isn’t always at the best times for your staff. For example, if an agent has a one-on-one meeting scheduled and finishes a call five minutes before the meeting, if they answer another call it may cut into their one-on-one time. With intelligent automation, the system can recognise that the agent has an upcoming meeting and send an automatic alert to the meeting host that the agent is ready for their meeting. The next calls will be rerouted to other agents, and the meeting host is prepared for the meeting to begin. From this, the meeting runs smoothly and on time, the customer calls are answered by other agents, and no work is paused in the process. This drives the contact centre towards success as the risk of disruptions is minimised and the agent is more engaged as their development time isn’t put on the back burner.

Allows for a Hybrid Workplace Model

Regardless of where your staff are based, intelligent automation can help them maximize their time. It’s like having your own manager who is always available to help you when you need it.

Intelligent Automation Solves Problems

Automation in contact centres is the key to overall contact centre success. Repetitive, manual tasks can be automated to make the lives of your staff a lot less stressful, boost staff morale, generate greater productivity, and reduce operating costs.

When agents feel supported and happy at work, it creates a better customer experience and in turn a more profitable business.

To learn more about intelligent automation contact our friendly team.

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Transport for NSW selects Alvaria Workforce Engagement Management Suite for Back-Office and Agent Improvement Tools and Mobile Schedule Management

The leaders in the development of safe, integrated and efficient transport systems for the people of New South Wales, Transport for NSW has selected Alvaria WEM Suite, provided by Alvaria channel partner Call Design.

Transport for NSW was looking for a platform that could seamlessly integrate across the entire workforce planning cycle integrated with their omnichannel contact centre that includes voice, live chat and back-office functionality. In order to take advantage of the superior forecasting, scheduling and monitoring capabilities available they chose the Alvaria WEM Suite.

Transport for NSW selected Alvaria Workforce as it offered the award-winning technology they required to keep their workforce productive and engaged. The ability to build and customize reports easily in Employee Datacenter as well as enabling the Transport for NSW workforce to request schedule trades, apply for overtime or annual leave directly from their mobile devices is a great way to keep staff engaged.

Mark Uremovic, Resource Planning Manager at Transport for NSW said, “When we were looking for a workforce engagement product, we conducted a lot of research. We went with Alvaria Workforce because the results of our research showed us that it was the strongest product in the market and had the functionality we required. The choice was easy.”

Steve Seger, Alvaria Chief Commercial Officer said, “It’s an honour to partner once again with Call Design. They’re delivering the robust functionality Transport for NSW needed to forecast, schedule and help agents perform at their absolute best.”
Learn more about the Alvaria Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) Suite.

About Alvaria

Alvaria is the world leader in enterprise-scale customer experience (CX) and workforce engagement management (WEM) solutions. Our name is derived from Latin for “hives” – nature’s perfect form for millions of years – bringing you solutions that are scalable, resilient and secure, with efficiency, speed and pinpoint accuracy. ALVARIA™. Reshaping Customer Experience™. For more information, please visit www.alvaria.com.

About Call Design

The staff at Call Design are well-recognised as experts in workforce optimisation solutions for contact centres in Australia, New Zealand, United States, Europe and Asia. Offering both on-site and in-the-cloud solutions, Call Design has a robust offering of innovative solutions that optimise the workforce. Combining best-in-class technologies with an experienced team of consultants to offer businesses personalised workforce optimisation solutions, Call Design empowers your employees, engages customers, and automates everyday work processes with seamless implementation aimed at enhancing efficiencies at every level of an organisation.

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How an Intelligent Automation Solution can Overcome Common Contact Centre Challenges

Intelligent automation can alleviate common challenges and bring greater quantifiable operational and financial benefits to contact centres by elevating pressures on service delivery and improving the bottom line. Intelligent automation solutions are increasingly being applied throughout the contact centre industry to help you deliver a better customer experience and improve processes, as well as seamlessly support agents.

In the last few years, team leaders, trainers and WFM analysts have faced more and more challenges such as high attrition rates and needing to effectively monitor agent productivity, provide support, deliver training and find ways to improve contact centre operations.

As a result, many contact centres have implemented intelligent automation solutions such as Intradiem to help.

Find how intelligent automation is empowering contact centres and helping them overcome some of the challenges they face:

The Expense and Loss of Experience due to high Employee Attrition rates

Intelligent automation empowers not only agents but the whole workplace environment. Organisations that have implemented this reported that it helped reduce attrition as it reduces the time agents need to spend on more tedious tasks, provides informational pop-up notifications, facilitates coaching and helps employees feel more supported and connected with their teams.

Automating the manual tasks, allows team leaders and managers to spend more time coaching and developing their teams.  Learning and Development teams can deliver content more efficiently and therefore much more regularly, regardless of where staff are working from thus helping staff to feel more supported.

 Time-Consuming, Manual Processes for Exception Management

Team leaders and/or the WFM team spend a huge amount of time updating schedules with exceptions in the WFM system.  This process is required to provide realistic insight into what is happening on the day, but the time taken to do this is unrewarding.  Automating schedule updates is much more effective and efficient giving your staff more time back in their day to do analysis of the results. Real Time automation can monitor login and logout information and compare it to what an agent’s schedule says they should be doing and will update their schedule accordingly.

Improved Agent Productivity

Intelligent Automation can be used to improve the efficiency of off-phone tasks such as ACW or training.  Schedule related distractions can be minimised using the tool and reminders can be sent to deliver timely support.  Agents can also be coached and trained with small snippets of online training rather than needing scheduled classroom training.  This keeps staff current, knowledgeable and motivated while also increasing their productivity.

Cost of Labour 

As inflation continues to rise, so do employee expectations and the need for wage increases. According to CXCentral one customer service agent costs $53,066 (plus super) with an average bonus of $1,999. A customer service team leader salary is $74,500 with an average bonus of $4,500 plus super.

Intradiem’s intelligent automation can empower a contact centre to better utilise agent time and maximise labour resources. The software can provide clearer performance metrics and deeper management insights which team leaders can use to ensure agents are in the right place, at the right time, with the right skills.

Intelligent automation can overcome several contact centre challenges by streamlining processes and increasing operational efficiencies. As the demand for contact centre services increases and agents continue to work either from home or in a hybrid model, it’s imperative to adopt industry best practices and world-class intelligent automation software to optimise processes and better utilise resources.

If you’d like to learn more about intelligent automation and how to capture the full value of the software in your contact centre, contact our expert team today.

The Rise of Intelligent Automation Solutions to Improve Contact Centre Productivity

Unlocking productivity within a contact centre through the utilisation of intelligent automation is key to quantifying how automation and artificial intelligence has provided an unprecedented return on investment.

As contact centres strive to streamline operations, improve customer experience and create work environments conducive to success, the deployment of intelligent automation is reinforcing the optimal blend of human skills and technology.

The business case for intelligent automation is simple; it increases customer service agent productivity, reduces the time team leaders and workforce management (WFM) spend on low-value tasks and provides proficiency in streamlined training delivery.

Contact centres are renowned for being challenged by employees who are required to process and react to the right information in a timely manner to support frontline staff and manage inherently fluctuating conditions.

The ability for team leaders to gain real-time insights to maintain and elevate productivity and provide valuable assistance on difficult calls is traditionally a challenge. What intelligent automation does is improve the ability to increase the productivity of agents through real-time insights and a reduction of manual tasks. It gives team leaders the knowledge faster and more efficiently, while at the same time, reducing the demand agents have for their help.

Intelligent automation’s ability to quantify return on investment is appealing from a business case perspective. ROI alone prioritises intelligent automation over many other new innovations, with contact centres realising value fast.

4 key benefits of using intelligent automation solutions in contact centres include:

Efficiency of Employee Training

Finding time for agent training is essential to improving capabilities. Intradiem’s ability to automatically deliver training to individual agents during pockets of availability is key to reducing time wastage. As a result, training delivery is less disruptive as fewer agents need to be in training simultaneously and there is less need to get people to work overtime so that training can be completed. It also reduces the amount of time required by the WFM team and team leaders to schedule and reschedule training for those who missed it, as it is delivered in smaller, online, bite-sized chunks.

Reduced Employee Attrition

Manual, low-level tasks have a significant impact on contact centre agents, team leaders, WFM analysts and trainers and therefore job satisfaction. Reducing the time needed for more tedious tasks like exception entry by the WFM team and providing agents with coaching and support when they need it can help staff feel more connected to their teams and supported by their company. As a result employee attrition is lowered as staff have better job fulfilment.

Greater Customer Service Agent Productivity

Intradiem’s ability to find areas of efficiencies and to improve the productivity of agents’ on and off phone tasks such as providing support and training and after-call work (ACW) is game-changing. The simplicity of being able to adjust the rules engine to optimise use cases for the unique environments within contact centres is heightened by the ability to streamline large volumes of data and low-value tasks renewing focus on higher value-adding tasks.

Elevate Flexibility

If the pandemic has shown us anything, it is that all contact centres must be adaptable and dynamic. Intelligent automation provides the support staff need when working remotely. Intradiem’s SaaS-based solutions help facilitate working from home environments as it lets team leaders know when agents need help so they can monitor, coach and deliver help when it is needed.  It also enables centres to offer more voluntary time off.

Additionally, intelligent automation reinforces flexibility to support all unique contact centre environments through its integration with your automatic call distribution systems, WFM platform and learning management systems. As a result, decision-makers can seamlessly respond to the ever-changing conditions in the contact centre.

By using intelligent automation, contact centres are empowered to free up valuable time, reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve the quality of contact centre work environments. If you would like to learn more about Intradiem’s intelligent automation, let’s chat.

TSA Group Chooses Alvaria Workforce Engagement Management For Volume Forecasting, Mobile Schedule Management and Optimal Seat Utilisation

Alvaria and Call Design announce a new Alvaria Workforce customer, TSA Group. Australia’s leading CX outsourcing solutions provider, TSA Group, has approximately 3,000 customer service and sales agents servicing industries including telco, health insurance, finance and retail. TSA Group considers themselves an extension of their partners’ businesses, helping them connect with their customers through the end-to-end provision of care, acquisition, sales, back office and collections services.

TSA Group opted to migrate to the Alvaria Workforce, provided by Alvaria channel partner Call Design, to take advantage of the added capability and benefits of a contact centre-as-a-solution (CCaaS). With Australian operations in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Philippines operations in Manila, TSA Group was in the market for an enterprise-level, cloud workforce management solution with sophisticated forecasting and scheduling capability. Alvaria Workforce enables TSA to optimise resources across multiple teams and customer campaigns.

TSA Group needed a solution that would provide their agents with advanced self-service capabilities to ensure their staff have the ability to access shift information, request time off and swap shifts remotely. Alvaria Workforce was selected to help TSA accomplish their goal by maximising contact centre efficiency while minimising operating costs.

Philippe Lanoux, TSA Group Reporting and Analytics manager, said, “We needed a cloud solution that would integrate with our broader contact centre technology, and provide our staff with a tool that enables them to manage their schedules when out of the office. These were important factors in our decision to move to Alvaria Workforce with Call Design.”

Learn more about how the Alvaria Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) Suite can maximise contact centre productivity without increasing cost.

About Alvaria

Alvaria is the world leader in enterprise-scale customer experience (CX) and workforce engagement management (WEM) solutions. Our name is derived from Latin for “hives” – nature’s perfect form for millions of years – bringing you solutions that are scalable, resilient and secure, with efficiency, speed and pinpoint accuracy. ALVARIA. Reshaping Customer Experience. For more information, please visit www.alvaria.com.

About Call Design

The staff at Call Design are well-recognised as experts in workforce optimisation solutions for contact centres in Australia, New Zealand, United States, Europe and Asia. Offering both on-site and in-the-cloud solutions, Call Design has a robust offering of innovative solutions that optimise the workforce. Combining best-in-class technologies with an experienced team of consultants to offer businesses personalised workforce optimisation solutions, Call Design empowers your employees, engages customers, and automates everyday work processes with seamless implementation aimed at enhancing efficiencies at every level of an organisation.

Blog Source: Business Wire

Move Over Millennials, Generation Z is Here

Just when companies were starting to feel confident in their understanding of Millennials, along comes a new generation entering the workforce — Generation Z. Loosely defined as those born between 1994 and 2010, Gen Zers have unique characteristics that companies will need to learn about and accommodate. Considered to be the first generation of digital natives, Gen Zers were born and raised with high-speed internet, smartphones, instant and unlimited access to news and social media. And by 2020 Gen Zers comprised 32 percent of the world’s population, surpassing millennials as the largest age group.

Attracting these technologically proficient workers requires attention now. With 83% of students today considering it appropriate to spend less than three years at their first job and 27% believing it is appropriate to stay for less than one year, it will take a strong understanding of what makes Gen Zers tick to create and maintain the high-level of engagement necessary to not only attract them, but to keep them motivated to stay.

Here are some of the defining traits of Generation Z:

- “The” mobile and social generation

- Value availability and transparency

- Crave instant information and consume it at incredible speeds

- Prefer to communicate with icons and images, short bursts of content

- Appreciate simplicity, personalised experiences

- Require perpetual, self-paced learning and continuous feedback

- Like collaboration and competition

- Want instant gratification, enjoy rewards and recognition by supervisors and peers

- Need technology to keep pace

Gamification, the use of game mechanics to improve employee productivity, efficiency, and engagement, provides an excellent platform for addressing all of these traits. Take a closer look at each of them and see what your company can do, today, to prepare for Generation Z.

“The” mobile and social generation / Value availability and transparency

Gen Zers reach for their cell phones about every 7 minutes. Their phone is their preferred way of staying informed and keeping in touch with the latest updates on everything, including what’s happening in the company they work in. They demand availability and transparency and quickly become disillusioned without them. Be sure that your business applications are mobile-ready and can be accessed easily by your employees whenever they want and wherever they are.

The top three social networks for Gen Zers are Snapchat (42.0 million), TikTok (37.3 million), and Instagram (33.3 million). Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Reddit also have relatively large followings. Their reach will continue to grow steadily as Gen Z ages out of popular teen platforms. Although some Gen Zers are considering taking a break from the general usage of some of today’s social networks, they will seek out new ones. For this reason, it is important to keep abreast of new networks as they emerge. Also, Gen Zers still follow brands and consume branded content. Companies wanting to attract and retain these employees should have a defined social engagement strategy that includes a presence on several social networks as well as an internal social channel for disseminating company content and encouraging two-way communication.

A gamification platform that can be accessed from a mobile device keeps Gen Zers connected to the company at all times. It sends notifications to employees on all activities in near real-time and provides the level of availability and transparency that these newcomers need to stay engaged and feel part of the corporate community. Gamification can also be used to encourage the use of internal and external social networks by rewarding employees for their efforts.

Instant information / Short bursts of content / Simple and personalised

Gen Z employees are impressively good at multitasking. They banter routinely and consume information exceptionally quickly. The constant deluge of data has reduced their attention span to just 8.25 seconds. Fast Company characterises it as a “highly evolved eight-second filter,” citing their expertise for rapidly sorting and assessing the massive amount of content that is always at their fingertips.

Since Gen Zers usually engage with several sources at one time, they prefer to receive their content in short bursts. They also prefer applications that are well designed — optimised and personalised, clean and uncluttered. They are used to consumer apps and expect enterprise applications to have a similar sleek and simple design with icons and images versus wordy descriptions and long paragraphs of text.

Gamification dashboards aggregate performance stats and the most important information in one location. The simple design with large fonts, icons, and colours prioritises data and makes it easy to read at a glance. Employees can even access CRM, WFM, and speech analytics content from the same screen.

In addition, employees can personalise their dashboard by creating their own persona, adding pictures and choosing their own wallpaper and avatar. They can also decide who they want to share information with through their profile.

Perpetual, self-paced learning and continuous feedback

Generation Zers like to be in control of their own destiny. They are fiercely independent, resourceful and prefer on-demand learning. An e-library with online courses, tutorials, and training documents that can be accessed and completed any time is attractive to this self-directed generation. When Gen Zers are provided with self-paced training options, they feel empowered and are more engaged and happier. Opportunity for on-going learning is also important. Gen Zers are not afraid of working hard to achieve success and advancement.

Although they are self-reliant when it comes to training, Gen Zers also crave unbiased and continuous feedback. They want goals to be clear and they want to know how well they are performing against their goals and peers at all times.

When one of the nation’s largest student loan servicers started using gamification to train their contact centre agents, they compared completion rates of two groups – one that trained through the gamification platform and one that trained without gamification. Those that trained through gamification had a 184% higher completion rate than those that didn’t.

The right gamification platform allows for perpetual, self-paced learning. The solution tracks all learning activity and rewards completion. Gamification also provides continuous feedback. On the personalised dashboard, employees can see how they are performing relative to all their KPIs and how they are trending toward their goals. They can also see how well they are doing compared to their peers. This is ideal for Gen Zers because it allows them to course-correct on their own, ask their supervisor for coaching when they see they are underperforming, and even reach out for help to colleagues that are strong in the areas that they are weak.

Collaboration and competition

In an article about what Generation Zers expect from their workplace, a university student indicated that she is looking for a company that values collaboration and experimentation. Gen Zers also embrace collaborative and social learning to develop skills and experiences that help them solve problems and improve performance faster. They are also competitive. They like to clearly understand what is required of them and then they set out to achieve it. They are driven to succeed and want to be the first to finish the task, meet the goal, and win the prize.

Gamification is highly effective at keeping Gen Zers engaged through both individual and collaborative contests and competitive ideation strategies. These types of activities build a strong sense of community and help to accelerate learning and success. With gamification, employees always know where they stand and how much farther they need to go to achieve their goals.

Instant gratification / Rewards and recognition

Generation Z is accustomed to getting instant information at any time. Along with instant information, they want instant results and gratification. Technology has made this possible, and Gen Zers have come to expect it. In addition, Gen Zers like to be rewarded and recognized for their accomplishments. And they don’t want to wait too long for that either.

Gamification provides a constant stream of updated information. Notifications make everyone aware when there are new messages, updates to task completion and stats on how well employees are doing against goals and their peers. These updates are available instantaneously to managers as well which allows them to recognize team members for accomplishments and reach out with a congratulatory note immediately. Leaderboards throughout the facility keep everyone apprised, giving peers an opportunity to send their congratulations as well. This can energize and motivate employees to achieve even greater levels of performance.

Another attribute of gamification is the ability to break down goals into smaller objectives in order to create milestone targets to reward and recognize accomplishments more often. This helps to provide the instant gratification Gen Zers crave.

Technology that keeps pace

Generation Z may seem impatient to employers. That’s not really an accurate assessment. As we’ve already established, this generation was born and raised in the digital world. As a result of the availability of faster and faster technology, information on whatever is desired has always been available instantly, anywhere, from any device. Employers trying to attract Gen Zers need to be mindful that manual processes, siloed databases, and outdated technology will not cut the mustard.

By providing a sophisticated gamification platform that connects with other enterprise applications and communication programs, you can appeal to Gen Z’s need for speed and technology that keeps up with their demands.

Shifting expectations reveals a skills gap

The proliferation of technology and automated processes that do more of the work that humans used to do means that many jobs waiting for Generation Z professionals will require a higher level of critical thinking. They will also require interpersonal skills, and while many Gen Zers are technology savants, they tend to be deficient in their ability to develop and maintain interpersonal relationships.

Gamification software is ideal for training and coaching on virtually any type of desired behaviour. Games can be created to nurture the “soft” skills such as communication and interpersonal aptitude that Gen Zers may need to develop. Fabio Viola, an education coordinator of the Master in Engagement & Gamification at the IED of Milan, expects that with Gen Z entering the workforce, “a good part of the investment over the next few years will be in the gamification enterprise.”

What are you doing to motivate and manage generation Z employees?

Blog source: Alvaria


5 Ways Contact Centre Automation Improves Efficiency

With real time automation you can improve efficiency and create a better customer experience for both customers and staff. The software connects to both your contact centre platform and your workforce management system enabling it to monitor queues and update schedules with changes in real time.

Automation is a game-changer for the contact centre industry. Learn more about the benefits that it provides below:


Contact centre processes can be time-consuming, with manual tasks such as finding times for training and updating schedules taking up a lot of the workforce planner’s time. Real Time Analysts and/or Team Leaders often spend a lot of time on admin-based tasks that add little value and reward.

That’s where intelligent automation solutions such as Intradiem come into play. This tool monitors queues in your contact centre platform as well as the schedules in your workforce management system. It updates schedules in real time if staff are late or don’t show up and can schedule short training sessions at times with low customer demand. This reduces the amount of time required to schedule or reschedule training, helping improve training efficiency by delivering more of it online.

Increased Productivity

If your staff are productive and engaged, it is much more likely that they will deliver a positive customer experience.

Automation helps staff be more productive. It can prompt agents into their lunch or end of shift before they get stuck on a long call. It can also send them a prompt if they go beyond established thresholds for sufficient ACW time or AHT with an offer to help.

Cost Savings!

Intelligent automation enables contact centres to lower costs by increasing productivity and providing a quick return on investment.

Improved Accuracy

By automating the process of updating schedules with the latest changes in real time, the workforce planning team have access to much more accurate information to make decisions about other activities that they may be trying to schedule such as team meetings, overtime or letting staff take last minute leave.

Report on Savings

Our intelligent automation solution lets you track and report on savings as they occur. See trends in AHT, shrinkage and occupancy and how changes to these have saved you money.

These are just some of the benefits of using Intelligent automation in your contact centre. To learn more about automation and how Intradiem software can help you, contact our friendly team today.