Digital transformation and intelligent automation are helping the contact centre industry accelerate growth, achieve operational excellence, and drive superior customer satisfaction. Intelligent automation empowers agents by maximising their time and helps engage and motivate them to meet KPIs thus improving your customers’ experience.

Often the reputation of a contact centre lies in the hands of its agents, therefore, ensuring they have the skills and ability to provide a high-quality customer experience is crucial. This is where intelligent automation can help.

Many contact centres simply do not provide enough support for their agents or have the bandwidth to offer regular training and development opportunities. By deploying intelligent automation agents no longer need to miss out on communications and training that empower and equip them to do their jobs better.
Tasks such as entering exceptions in schedules can be automated and even adjusting breaks and lunches proactively in ways that benefit both your agents and the business.

You can alert agents to wrap up after call work to reduce average handle time or quickly send offers to enable staff to take voluntary time off. All of this can be done in real time, freeing up your managers to do more important tasks and reducing operating costs.

Intelligent Automation as Command Centre

Intelligent automation serves as a command centre as it connects to both your telephony platform and your WFM system, allowing contact volumes, staffing availability and workflow processes to be monitored and actions to be taken in real time.

You can specify the criteria and when actions should be taken so that agents get the help they need, when they need it, and idle time can be used more productively to offer short coaching and training options. If the volume of calls suddenly increases, the software will return agents to work and pause the coaching or training session.

How you can Benefit from Intelligent Automation

Customers call when they want and when they need to. This isn’t always at the best times for your staff. For example, if an agent has a one-on-one meeting scheduled and finishes a call five minutes before the meeting, if they answer another call it may cut into their one-on-one time. With intelligent automation, the system can recognise that the agent has an upcoming meeting and send an automatic alert to the meeting host that the agent is ready for their meeting. The next calls will be rerouted to other agents, and the meeting host is prepared for the meeting to begin. From this, the meeting runs smoothly and on time, the customer calls are answered by other agents, and no work is paused in the process. This drives the contact centre towards success as the risk of disruptions is minimised and the agent is more engaged as their development time isn’t put on the back burner.

Allows for a Hybrid Workplace Model

Regardless of where your staff are based, intelligent automation can help them maximize their time. It’s like having your own manager who is always available to help you when you need it.

Intelligent Automation Solves Problems

Automation in contact centres is the key to overall contact centre success. Repetitive, manual tasks can be automated to make the lives of your staff a lot less stressful, boost staff morale, generate greater productivity, and reduce operating costs.

When agents feel supported and happy at work, it creates a better customer experience and in turn a more profitable business.

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