What do you trust more: A recommendation from a friend or an online review from a stranger? Turns out, according to a BrightLocal Consumer Review Survey, 85 per cent of customers today trust the two mediums equally.

Now more than ever, online reviews are a deciding factor in whether or not consumers give your business a try. The trouble with the digital medium is that there are a lot of fake reviews floating around. In fact, nearly 80 per cent of survey respondents have read a fake product review in the past year alone.

Enter: G2 Crowd

Consumers want peer reviews but they need them to be authentic. This dilemma prompted the creation of G2 Crowd – a peer-to-peer business software review platform dedicated to real-time and unbiased user reviews that help you objectively assess what purchases are best for your organization.

G2 Crowd gives users the freedom to research and compare business software, while providing peace of mind that the review is authenticated and coming from someone who has used the software. Through the use of a special algorithm, the platform can calculate:

  • Market Presence: Defined as a measure of market share, vendor size and social impact.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Calculated via scores from real user reviews.

These calculations inform the creation of unique grids, periodically distributed by G2 Crowd, showcasing products and vendors based on reviews gathered from their community as well as aggregated data.

It’s the objective platform, businesses have been looking for.

What does this have to do with Call Design?

The G2 Crowd grid for Contact Center Workforce shows Alvaria Workforce Management (WFM) software scoring in the leadership quadrant (pictured below) – the only WFM software to achieve this rating.

G2 Crowd Grid for Contact Center Workforce Software G2 Crowd Grid® for Contact Center Workforce Software

The distinction is a testament to the functionality and versatility of Alvaria WFM.

The Alvaria Workforce Management listing on G2 Crowd includes feedback from verified customers. Here’s what some of our customers are saying about Alvaria WFM:

  • “Sometimes we have tools at our disposal, but we might not know the best ways to use it. Alvaria gives the support for users to solve doubts and courses to learn how to make the best out of each tool.”
  • “My favourite component of the Alvaria suite is the workforce planning. I consider it the benchmark for all other workforce planning. The forecasting tools, scheduling tools, and intraday management are far superior to any other company.”

You can read more Alvaria reviews on the G2 Crowd site. Reach out to Call Design today to learn more about what Alvaria WFM can offer you.