By 2020, millennials will make up 50 percent of the workforce, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. But do you have a strategy in place for their unique performance needs?

You can’t ignore millennial contact center agents, nor can you treat them differently based on whatever stereotypes you may have heard. In this article, we offer three techniques on how to properly motivate and manage millennials in the contact center environment.

Technique 1: Use the best technology you can

Millennials consider “technology use” the defining characteristic of their generation, according to a Nielsen study. Having grown up in the years of major technological advancement, your younger staff members will have not only an affinity for better systems, but a preference for them.

  • Key takeaway: If you’re managing a large number of millennial staff, consider updating your systems to better optimize their contact center lives. Try linking their daily workforce management platform with a mobile app like Call Design’s ME Mobile so they can check in on the go, on whatever device suits them.

Technique 2: Invest time in personalized coaching and development

Millennials want to be upskilled – to develop their careers, advance in the ranks and earn a better wage. A report on millennials by PwC found that “opportunities for career progression” was the top-most attractive trait of a potential employer, followed by competitive pay and training/development programs.

  • Key takeaway: Performance management can be a highly effective tool for motivating and managing millennial employees. Set your Gen Y agents clear goals and offer them coaching to help reach these, then evaluate their performance so they can upskill, achieve promotions and earn more money.

Technique 3: Offer two-way, clear communication

Numerous call center leaders agree that millennials prefer it when communication channels are open, encouraged, and work both ways. Backing this up, Deloitte’s 2017 millennial survey also found that senior millennials rank “communication” as a more important skill than analytics, sales, business knowledge and even academic skills.

  • Key takeaway: You need to talk to your Gen Y agents. If you think other managers aren’t effective at this, run communications training programs, and release communication policies that help staff young and old understand when and how they can talk to each other. Note, though, that PwC also found millennials prefer electronic comms over face-to-face, so ensure your new policy allows for a variety of mediums.

With these three techniques, you’ll make great strides to better engaging your millennial staff. If you’d like assistance with improving your contact center’s technology or implementing performance management plans, Call Design can help. Get in touch with us today to talk to one of our expert consultants.